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An Integrative Approach to Optimal Health

Patient Testimonials

What some of Dr. Silver's patients say

"After spending several years seeking a diagnosis with no real answers, I had reached a critical tipping point in my pain. I was mere months away from getting married. I had seen nearly every type of doctor for my back pain, and I had tried nearly every time of therapy, PRP injections, massage, acupuncture, you name it to fix it.

But nothing was helping. It was just getting worse. It's no exaggeration when I say I was terrified I wouldn't be able to enjoy my wedding day, let alone get off the couch again.

As cliche as this is, a referral to Dr. Silver is what changed my life. Dr. Silver, from the very start, was exceptional. I can't reiterate enough how important it was that she really took the time to listen to me. While I was rushed by other doctors through a 10 minute appointment and a factory-line disc herniation diagnosis over the past 2 years, Dr. Silver actually took the time to review all of my medical records, listen to my complete medical history, learn about my athletic background and understand my pain.

She was monumental in solving what for years seemed a mystery, but turned out to be a very difficult-to-diagnose autoimmune disease. After we determined it was necessary to see a rheumatologist and gastroenterologist, she took the time to call each doctor and bring them up to speed on her findings. Even the rheumatologist and endocrinologist were blown away by her, both independently asking my partner and I how we found her— commenting on her talent and the extent she will go to for her patient.

I'm now several weeks into treatment, and already feeling worlds better. While it was hard to hear my diagnosis, it is so incredibly empowering to know what I have and how to move forward. "

"Dr. Silver has accomplished what 25 doctors and two weeks at the Mayo Clinic could not. I had been ill for more than six years, at times so dramatically that I had to be hospitalized. I was not able to work for long stretches of time and my life was unraveling in many ways. No one was able to diagnose what was happening.

Dr. Silver has been unceasingly perseverant, tracking down every lead and possibility. Essential to the process has been her endless understanding, acceptance and commitment to me, which has been as much a part of my healing, if not more, as her acute medical knowledge and intuition. She has explored arenas of my health that other doctors never even considered and found answers in places in my body and my experiences that only arose through her determined effort.

In many ways, I had given up hope of finding a diagnosis, much less completely healing. But Dr. Silver would have none of that. Her belief in my ability to recover and reengage in life was, at first, hard for me to accept, as long I had been ill and how deeply I had searched for resolution. However, she has been so thorough and skillful in her communications with me that I began to share the hope, even the certainty that she has that I was going to heal. She left me no doubt that she would and will stick with me through every step of this process.

I jokingly tell my friends that I have found another Dr. House, the iconic TV diagnostician known for his doggedness. But, unlike the TV character, Dr. Silver has demonstrated to me that the ability to heal, along with great knowledge, comes with great compassion.

My claim above of having seen 25 doctors before being led fortuitously to Dr. Silver is certainly under-estimated. Yet, I have not encountered any as deeply knowledgeable and professionally skillful as she is. Coming to that awareness, and receiving her kindness has allowed me to find trust again that I can find true help and support, and truthfully has carried over to many other parts of my life. My work is not yet over, but I now have no doubts that I am well on my way. I shall have eternal gratefulness to Dr. Silver for the life she has allowed me to reclaim."

"When I began working with Kiki, I was at an all-time low. As a professional triathlete, I had pushed my body - and mind - to their absolute limits without sufficient rest and recovery. My training and racing had suffered hugely; I simply could not perform. I was ill and injured. At my worst, I could barely make it out of bed or around the grocery store. After my initial consultation with Kiki, I felt like I had made a big first step towards health and happiness again. She listened - she listened a lot - and then began setting forth a plan for us. Her holistic approach to medicine and athletic performance coupled with her everyday experience as a competitive female athlete is what really enabled us to hit the ground running. She helped me make difficult decisions and provided information at every step along the way. The process wasn't always easy, but she made it easier. She always gave me every assurance that I would soon be back to health, happiness and fitness. And guess what? Less than five months after I first spoke with Kiki, I was back to my butt-kicking ways and standing on a podium again. Perhaps more importantly, though, I was happy and healthy before I reached the start line. I continue to go from strength to strength. I will be forever grateful to Kiki for this and she's always someone I want on my team."

Professional Female Athlete

I had seen multiple physicians: internists and specialist and all were unable to diagnose and treat a condition that had caused me to live with life altering symptoms for over a year. I was referred to Dr. Silver through our Dermatologist that said Dr. Silver "liked tough problems." Out of desperation, with no hopes at all, I went to see Dr. Silver and from the first visit she started changing my life for the better. Dr. Silver methodically and thoughtfully discussed the issue with me, ordered tests, analyzed the results and eventually diagnosed and treated the issues from which I had been suffering. Just a few days after that first visit the symptoms started improving. I was happy to just get better, but Dr. Silver did not give up and would not stop until all symptoms were vanished.

What impressed me the most was Dr. Silver's determination to get me to a "healthy" state, there was no doubt in her mind that she would solve my issue. She looked at my body's health as a whole, not just at the one condition I went in for. As it turns out, Dr. Silver discovered and addressed many other health problems I had.

I am very lucky to have met Dr. Silver and forever grateful to our dermatologist. I now have my life back and more so, I know that from now on I have a doctor that I can trust with my health no matter what surprises life might bring.

Words are not adequate to express my gratitude.

Lourdes D.

It's been just over a year now since I first started working with Dr. Nicole Silver. Since I live in the Philadelphia area our relationship is virtual, though I can easily say that Dr. Silver has been able to diagnosis my symptoms better than any other physician that I have seen in person. She took the time to review every test result that I could find in order to truly understand my history over the years. Dr. Silver has an amazing style and truly listens to her patients, while asking all the right questions and making connections. She has a way with words, truly helping me to understand how my body functions and how her recommendations will have a positive effect. She went out of her way to contact local specialists for me in order to ensure I got the proper local care, which ultimately has led to a diagnosis that has lingered for the last 20 years. I personally can't thank Dr. Silver enough for her energy and determination.

Amy C.

After 10+ years of racing Ironman 70.3 and Ironman triathlons as an elite age-grouper, as I hit my early 40s, I noticed a significant performance decline. I was barely able to run for an hour without feeling completely drained and paces that I used to be able to hold for hours, now felt like sprint speed. I saw several doctors and specialists and they were quick to put it down to "aging", noting that that blood test results were a little low but normal. Dr. Silver was the only doctor who took the time to listen and ask detailed questions about all the symptoms that I was experiencing. She committed to working with me to restore me to optimal health and help me to continue to pursue triathlon PRs into my mid-40s. After working with Dr. Silver for the past year, I have scored PR times, several age-group wins and most recently a qualifying spot to the 2016 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. What is more, I feel great! I cannot thank Kiki enough for being the only doctor I have come across that partners with her patients to help them find excellent health!


"As a competitive age-group triathlete and cyclist for more than 20 years, my body has experienced it's share of ups and downs."

Many doctors through the years have misdiagnosed various ailments and injuries, told me to back off the training and hinted that my best days were behind me. That's not the message you will get from Boulder Peak Health. Dr. Kiki Silver is passionately focused on ensuring that your best days are ahead of you! She understands the needs - and most importantly - the mindset of those of us who don't ever want to stop doing the activities we love the most. Her comprehensive approach and "Ritz-Carlton" level service is why she is the Gold Standard in athletic performance optimization and integrative medicine. After experiencing first-hand the time, care, and thoughtfulness she brings to each interaction, there is nobody I trust more with the health of my family than Dr. Silver.

Lex Grecu
Founder and two-time President The San Francisco Triathlon Club
45 year old husband and father

"Just months ago I realized there was a huge lack of medical knowledge for menopausal female athletes. I knew my health was not optimal - yet my doctor kept telling me that I was her healthiest patient. I just couldn't accept the lack of energy, long recovery times and other symptoms that made me feel like an old 'shoe'."

Thankfully, I was introduced to Dr. Silver who specializes in women exactly like me.

Dr. Silver impressed me from the minute I touched base with her and has amazed me every step of the way. Never have I met a doctor who asked so many details of my health history. She listened to every word and continued to delve into every issue I was experiencing. She knew what labs tests I should have and poured over my medical chart like no doctor has ever done before. Her individualized approach blew my mind. It took her less than 6 weeks to zero in on my particular issue, an issue I was told to accept by other doctors.

Dr. Silver has changed my life. She has allowed me feel better and for this I am forever grateful.

"Dr. Silver has been a godsend."

She has helped feel better without harming my body. I had been feeling low energy for some time, and was beginning to get depressed. I had been to my PCP and an Ob-Gyn to look for answers to my symptoms. But no one could direct me to a better energetic life. When I agreed to do the testing with Dr. Silver, it took patience to wait for the results. But as soon as the results were in, she contacted me and immediately saw me. It was conclusive and helpful. I began a treatment regimen she had put together for me, and began to feel better within a couple of weeks. I continue to see improvement. She is invaluable with her knowledge of science and how the body functions. I appreciated her explanations of how my body worked, and what it needed to function at its maximum. Thank you Dr. Silver for teaching me, and helping me get better!

"Dr. Silver was our primary care doctor in Boulder CO. Please note that she has all the qualities that a doctor should possess. Excellent and outstanding!"

After years of success as a professional athlete, my performance and health came to a halt in the summer of 2010. Local doctors did their standard tests and diagnosed me with mono, Epstein-Barr, and eventually chronic fatigue. These doctors prescribed me with rest and anti-viral medication that weren't sure to help. I walked out the door with more questions than answers. I spent the next few years cycling between bouts of good energy that would last for several months, followed shortly by crushing fatigue and more prescribed rest. I was looking for explanation from every resource I could find, but every doctor fell short of a good explanation.

Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to Dr. Silver (Kiki) last summer. From our initial visit, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. From her warm and caring personality to her athletic background, I felt that I had finally found somebody that could relate to my feelings and had the personality to help me determine the root cause of my health issues. She looked into areas of my health which nobody had previously mentioned. She took the time to explain how different systems in my body were affecting each other, and how I could improve the function of each of those systems. Her approach would help my immune system work naturally rather than counting on drugs to do the work. Though the recoveries for my conditions were not quick ones, I am incredibly grateful to have Kiki on my side to help me work towards the goal of complete recovery.

Erin K.
Boulder, CO